Physical Setting:

The Olinda-Kula SWCD is not continuous, separated by land included in Central Maui SWCD.  Elevation ranges from sea level to 8,900 feet. The present area of the district is 52,600 acres.
The district includes most of the truck crops and flower growing acreage of Kula, the pastures of Kokomo and Haiku, the Makawao, Kula and Kahikinui Forest Reserves, and the urban sprawl of Kihei. The major agricultural land uses are small farms and ranches generally ranging from 5 to 200 acres.

History and Organization

The first petition filed on December 26, 1947 requesting the formation of the Soil Conservation District came from the Olinda-Kula land occupiers. A public hearing held on January 15, 1948 to determine the need and public reaction for its creation was highly in favor and acceptable by the small ranchers and family farmers.
The referendum to create the Olinda-Kula SWCD held on March 11, 1948, was an overwhelming votes cast in favor of creation. The first district directors elected were Hiroshi Fujimoto, Chairman; John Hashimoto, Treasurer; and Teichi Yamada, Board Member. Other appointed directors were Joe Texeira, Board Member; Stanley Elmore, Vice Chairman; and Frank T. Murphy, Secretary.
On March 13, 1948, at 1:30 p.m., the historical event took place. The first official meeting of the Olinda-Kula SWCD was held.
The Certificate of Organization was issued by the Secretary of the Territory of Hawaii on April 3, 1948.
In 1951, Olinda-Kula joined the National Association of Conservation Districts with subscription funds donated by an interested company. Throughout the years, the district boundaries expanded by the inclusion of additional lands.